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Janitorial Service


Standard Cleaning

Whole House

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs
  • Mop floors
  • Dust furniture and surfaces
  • Dust tops of doors, picture rail molding and tops of baseboards
  • Vacuum upholstery where needed and remove pet hair
  • Clean light switches and door knobs
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean mirrors
  • Empty trash and recycling
  • Straighten and arrange


  • Wipe down cabinets, countertops, cupboards, appliances
  • Clean microwave exterior
  • Clean countertops and sinks
  • Wash dishes/load dishwasher/run as needed
  • Clean sink, fixtures, drain
  • Clean stovetop


  • Clean toilet
  • Clean sink
  • Clean tub and shower, wash tile, clean glass enclosures
  • Clean fixtures and drains
  • Wipe cabinet exteriors as needed
  • Clean counters
  • Fold/hang towels
  • Wash soap dish

Deep Clean (includes standard clean)


  • Wash and clean baseboards
  • Spot clean walls
  • Clean windows
  • Clean louvered doors and sliding door tracks
  • Wipe down furniture
  • Wash trash cans
  • Vacuum/dust/clean blinds
  • Vacuum/dust drapes
  • Vacuum upholstery and under cushions
  • Brush off lamp shades/wipe lamp bases
  • Detailed dusting of light fixtures
  • Dust fans, heat/ac vents


  • Clean microwave interior
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean and degrease oven and under-stovetop


  • Remove mildew, soap scum and mineral deposits
  • Scrub grout
  • Wash trashcans
  • Wash cabinet faces

Additional Services

  • Launder sheets, towels, clothing
  • Remove and wash shower curtain, replace
  • Fold laundry
  • Wash walls
  • Dust plants
  • All of our housekeepers speak fluent English and drive their own cars.
  • They can live in or out and work a variety of different schedules depending on your needs.
  • Our more executive housekeepers are well versed in managing other members of staff.
  • We can also offer laundry assistance, which can be a huge support to busy family life.

Furthermore, as it becomes more and more necessary for families to have green homes our housekeeping staff is well versed in the best products to support your residence. 

We pride ourselves in placing housekeeping staff who grow with a family and provide the backbone to a well run home; most of our housekeeping placements last for years. If you need someone full-time or just a couple of days a week we can find a great person for you.

Unless you’ve had ongoing cleaning services, or are an especially thorough housekeeper, we recommend that your first appointment be a deep clean. Deep cleaning takes extra time, but you will see and feel the results. Add whatever you like from our Options Menu.

When you set up ongoing cleaning, we’ll continue with our standard cleaning list, and you may request a deep clean or optional items whenever you wish (with an additional charge based on our hourly rate).

Move-in and move-out cleanings generally follow our deep clean task list, minus those tasks that don’t apply because furniture has been removed or hasn’t arrived yet.

If you feel our task lists don’t apply to your specific situation, let us know and we’ll tailor them to your needs. 

What we don’t do:

Move heavy furniture or lift heavy items (over 25 lbs).
Use ladders other than two step stepladders.
Clean outside windows unless they can be easily accessed from the inside (the kind that flip around).
Clean excessively moldy areas (requires a professional).
We love pets! But for the safety of our staff, we won’t enter homes with barking/aggressive dogs unless they are properly restrained (all sizes of dogs).
Use toxic chemicals you supply unless approved beforehand (we’re fine with using your non-toxic cleaners).
Clean plasma TV’s, computer screens or equipment, except for dusting tops.
Clean human waste, pet waste or cat litter – if you want us to clean area soiled by your pet, you must remove any waste
before we arrive.

​Gulf South Janitorial is ready to clean your home with acute precision and leave your abode sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Gulf South is Gulfports favorite house cleaning service. For years, Gulf South Janitorial has provided an unparalleled level of home cleaning services to Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Long Beach, and other nearby neighborhoods.

It’s time to defeat your home’s messes once and for all. With Gulf South Janitorial, customers will receive an amazing home cleaner at their door, armed and ready with eco-friendly cleaning products. Gulf South will take care of the dirty work for you, so you can spend less time worrying about chores and more time doing things you actually enjoy! Even better, Gulf South Janitorial offers totally affordable, flat-rate cleaning services so you don’t have to break the bank getting a little extra help around the house.

High quality, consistent cleaning services in Mississippi that delivers great value. That's what we've created our business from the ground-up to deliver. Gulf South Janitorial has a great passion for delivering only the best house cleaning services your money can buy in Gulfport. Our founders carefully select each cleaning team – taking no shortcuts.

We also take great care to make sure your pets are taken care of. Each of our cleaners are comfortable around household animals, and we will follow any instructions you give us regarding the interaction of your furry loved ones.

Mississippi is filled with cleaning service franchises from other states. We’re local. We were raised in Gulfport and Gulf South was started in Gulfport. We know our city like the back of our hand. Supporting us is ensuring your supporting the Mississippi Gulf Coast economy in your own little way. In fact, if you're new to the coast and are looking for some advice on a place to visit or how to get around, drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to help. Home cleaning is our specialty, but anything we can do to make your time more enjoyable in our community is our pleasure.

We know you aren’t always able to call us to book your cleaning appointment. You may be busy or simply can’t speak out loud at the moment. In these cases, we offer 24/7 online booking on our website - just fill out the contact form and we'll get back with you.