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The condition of your office is important for making a positive impression on your clients, and your employees. A clean work area is important for productivity and keeps your employees focused on the task at hand rather than maintaining the cleanliness of their workspace. Cleaning should be left to the professionals. At Gulf South Janitorial we can customize your service to meet the needs of your business and employees. Some business owners will try to save money by relying on their employees to maintain the cleanliness of the work area, however, their employees have not been trained on proper cleaning procedures to reduce germs, pollution, and allergens. This puts the business owner, your clients that visit your work environment, and employees at a higher risk of illness. Another benefit of hiring a commercial cleaning service is they supply the equipment and cleaning products, so you do not have to purchase expensive equipment, or maintain supplies. Your time can be spent growing your business instead of worrying if you have enough glass cleaner!

All business owners want to save money, but The International Facility Management Association estimates that in-house cleaning can cost up to a quarter more than hiring professional commercial cleaners. Saving money is important, but you also have more time to focus on your business, and employees when you hire cleaning services for your business.

​Daily Janitorial Services
• Vacuum Carpets
• Spot-Clean Carpets
• Polish Drinking Fountains
• Empty and Clean Wastebaskets
• Dust and Damp-Mop All Floors
• Clean Inside and Outside of Elevator
• Spot-Clean Microwaves and Refrigerators
• Clean Sinks, Counters and Kitchen Area
• Remove Smudges from Doors and 
  Door Frames
• Dust and Spot-Clean Desks, Chairs
  Bookcases, Etc.
• Wash Lobby Glass Doors and Spot-Clean 
  Partition Glass

Weekly Services
• Remove Cobwebs
• Clean Wall Spots
• Clean Stairways and Railings
• Detail Vacuum All Carpets
• Buff Front-Lobby Floor
• Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
• Dust Ledge and Window Sills
• Dust Light Fixtures and Mini-Blinds
• Dust Artificial Flowers and Plants
• Dust Picture Frames and Ceiling Vents
• Perform Low Dusting of Baseboards and Furniture Bases

Monthly Services
• Scrub and Wax All Floors
• Edge-Clean All Carpet Floors
• Steam and Shampoo All Traffic Areas (All the Carpets if Necessary)
• Dust High Partition Ledges, Moldings and Other Surfaces

Restroom Cleaning Services
• Spot Clean Walls
• Clean All Dispensers
• Clean Toilet Bowls and Urinals
• Clean Toilet Seats, Top and Bottom
• Clean All Mirrors, Sinks and Counters
• Clean and Polish All Stainless Steel
• Clean and Disinfect Restroom Floors
• Empty Wastepaper and Sanitary Napkin Containers
• Refill Soap, Paper Towel, Toilet Tissue, and Seat-Cover Dispensers

Restroom Weekly Services
• Clean Air Fan
• Perform High Dusting
• Wash Down Ceramic Tile Walls
• Clean Toilet Compartment Partitions

Restroom Monthly Services
• Scrub and Polish All Floors


We Also Clean Condominiums and Apartment Buildings – Put Evergreen Cleaning Systems to Work for You! 


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Commercial Cleaning Services

Gulf South Janitorial LLC specializes in commercial
cleaning services throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Gulf South can implement an office cleaning program for your building or office setting. Reach us today to bring our high standards of property maintenance to your front door.

Reliability, Consistency, Security, and Communication are key to Gulf Souths continual excellence in cleaning solutions. Our quality assurance program demands that the service we implement remains consistent. Regular and prompt communication helps to make sure all service requests are completed on schedule. This sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

Safety and Injury Prevention

We follow safety standards and provide our employees with substantial training in safety. We implement the most efficient cleaning methods and use highly rated equipment. Our team is more than ready to handle safely any janitorial cleaning services.

These days, workplace and environmental safety is a concern for every business. Studies show that employees are more productive and effective when a work environment is clean and safe. Workplace productivity can decrease when offices are not kept ventilated and properly cleaned. Related article on Cost of Absenteeism. Eliminate absenteeism in your office by keeping your appliances dust and germ free. During the flu season, studies estimate approximately 75% of a workforce can be affected. 
Have your own employees been responsible for office cleaning in your building? You can improve employee satisfaction and health by calling us today for all of your office cleaning needs.

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