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Does It Make Financial Sense to Hire a Cleaning Service?

The way your business appears is crucial to how it’s perceived by your partners and clients and a spotless office is essential to each company’s success. When it comes to cleaning options, many business owners mistakenly believe that cleaning their building themselves or paying hourly employees to do the job will save them money – in reality, however, this might cost you more in the long term.

A commercial cleaning company can ensure your office spaces look and smell great and save you the costs associated with purchasing cleaning equipment yourself. A professional cleaning service will have not only state-of-the-art equipment and tools, but will provide you with unmatched reliability and stability of service, as well as access to a range of services. Paying your employees to do the job is often not only inefficient but might decrease morale which can have devastating effects on your business. And last but not least, regardless of how efficient your hourly employees might be, they are unlikely to offer the same level of quality service a professional cleaning company will – so make the smart choices and outsource your office cleaning to the experts.

Benefits to hiring a cleaning company:

It may reduce stress brought on by your family. Maybe your spouse is a neat freak, always complaining about your slovenly ways. Or maybe your in-laws often visit, and you think a cleaning service might curb the catty remarks.

It may reduce self-induced stress. Maybe your family isn't giving you grief for your messy house. Maybe you're the one berating yourself.

You hate cleaning. Few people would likely choose vacuuming over going to the beach, but some people claim to at least enjoy certain tasks like folding laundry while watching TV or vacuuming while daydreaming. But others can't fool themselves into thinking cleaning is anything but a grind.

You would lose money by cleaning. Todd has done the math, and she feels that she comes out ahead financially by paying for a
house cleaner.

You aren't a complete slob. It sounds counterintuitive, but for a cleaning service to work well, and for you to get the most out of your money, you have to at least be making an effort to be clean.


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